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SMA Angels Charity

100% volunteer, non-profit charity dedicated to fight in the battle against

Spinal Muscular Atrophy "SMA"

The goals of the charity are:

Raise money for research devoted to finding a cure or treatment for SMA

Provide funding for medical assistance and better quality of life for children with SMA 

Increase awareness and education about SMA.


In 1997 Cassidy and Skylar Swanson were diagnosed with the severest form of SMA. The diagnosis… “they will never sit, walk or stand and they will die before the age of two”. Family and friends wanted to help and SMA Angels Charity was formed. 

On June 9th, 2006, Cassie left this earth to follow her dreams. Cassie died suddenly of respiratory failure, which is the number one cause of death in children with SMA. Skylar celebrated her 22nd birthday this year.  Skylar is a true warrior who continues to fight and live her life to the fullest. Cassie and Skylar have touched many lives and have been an inspiration to all who have known them. 


There are children and families all over the world who are fighting this deadly disease and they most not do it alone.  They need Help and Hope.  We are very encouraged that in the last five years, the FDA has approved three new treatment options for SMA.  If these treatments are given early in life, they have the potential to possibly stop or reverse the disease in some children.  These treatments also have the potential to help older children already affected by SMA by improving motor skills and slowing progression of the disease. We are very grateful to all of the scientists, generous donors and families who have contributed and worked so hard in this battle.  We are thankful for a Treatment but will "Not Give Up" until there is a CURE.  

Please Join Our Fight!

President: Anne Meguiar
Vice President: Diane Sumerlin
Secretary: Kim Jarboe
Treasurer: Ruenett Parker
Anne Meguiar
Bill Covert
Bubba Sumerlin
Wallette Widener
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